Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Real Estate decisions involve simultaneous considerations of multiple variables: infrastructure development, issuer, type, location, amenities, habitable horizon, etc. These variables are further coupled with individual investment priorities like entry criteria, finance options, growth fore-cast, absorption rate, exit options, etc.


For individuals and institutions alike - UrSqFt Advisory Services (UAS) work relentlessly to understand the complexities you are facing and use market intelligence and intellectual rigor to create innovative solutions to meet your requirements. The team at UAS has delivered smart and reliable real estate investment advisory to clients in multiple sectors including but not limited to: residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and other alternative investments. Based on our comprehensive research, our clients have been able to safeguard their investments while consistently outperforming the regional price appreciation.

UAS undertake assignments on a fixed fee basis, which is decided in conjunction with the clients and is based on the client’s requirements and agreed scope of work. The enlisted domains are the key offerings for UrSqFt Advisory Services. For additional services, we urge you to be in touch with us and we will be glad to fulfill your requirements.

ROPS Advisory Framework

UAS uses the ROPS proprietary framework to deliver consistent and customized solutions to its advisory clients.

Requirements Gathering

Options Identification

Primary and Secondary Research

Solution Delivery

An in-depth understanding of client’s present situation, financial commitments, timelines and purpose of investment: in total confidentiality
The market analysis team identifies various options that matches clients requirements and shall be explored further
The research team uses the in-house market intelligence and commissions field research to ascertain the unknown variables
The solutions team creates various possible scenarios with financial projections, pros and cons and formulates the recommendations


ROPS, in its various forms, is a universal and industry-neutral management consulting framework. Having understood the local nuances and leveraging the multi decade real estate experience of its management team, UAS has refined this framework for specific use in real estate space.