Management of Fully Build Assets

Type C Assets - real estate assets with construction occupying more than 25% of land area (including farm houses)

For your vacant property assets like houses, flats, etc., UPM services enable you to have a regular monthly view of your asset. Our property management services deliver a 360-degree view of your real estate asset from monthly pictures to independent 3pt sales valuation.

Further, to give our clients the best value for money, the redundancy of activities is kept to a minimum. The accuracy and efficiency is achieved due to Ursqft management team’s multi decade experience in global operations consulting industry. The underlying four sections : reporting timeline, list of activities, management fees and payment options will detail out all the required information regarding this service.

If any information is unclear, please contact us at your convenience and we will get back to you promptly.

Reporting Timeline

Followed by the initial in-depth report are eight monthly reports (MR), two detailed quarterly reports (QR) and an in-depth half-yearly report (HR) as per the below time line. All the reports are electronic (PDF format) and delivered to your designated mailbox as per the schedule.

The first in-depth half-yearly report is combined with the initial setup to have a comprehensive view at the start of the management service. This helps both customer and UPM establish the status quo of the property and, if required, take any immediate remedial action.

List of Activities

The following table will give you a detailed view of the schedule of activities deemed necessary to take care of your asset.

Type C - Schedule of Activities
Real estate assets with more than 25% of area under construction (including farm houses)
Activity Frequency
Anti-trespassing signage      
  Installation (I)      
Asset Update      
  Regional Developmental Work    
Asset Valuation      
  1 pt. valuation    
  3 pt. valuation    
External Checks      
Internal Checks      
Mail pick up and forwarding
Neighbourhood check  
Annual House Tax Bill payment (I)
Supervision of up to 4 development / maintenance requests for work order under Rs. 2500
  • (I) denotes the initiation activities
  • Mail forwarding to clients address (domestic or international) will be charged at actuals
  • Minor activities that can be carried out by internal handyman e.g. replacing bulbs, covering wires, fixing tap, etc. will not constitute maintenance activity and are provided complimentary on a monthly basis
  • Maintenance requests in addition to the four will invite a minimum supervision fees of Rs. 500 or 20% of the work order (greater of the two)
  • Any maintenance request with work order (billing) of more than Rs. 2500 will invite a supervision of 20% on the work order amount

Management Fees


Constructed assets up to 1000 sqyd / 5,000 sqft in area Rs. 2500 pcm
Assets more than 1000 sqyd / 5,000 sqft in area Price on Inspection
The following additional service package is available as per individual requirements;
Utility Bills package Rs. 500 pcm
    • pcm – per calendar month
    • Additional Service Tax as applicable


Payment Options

For your ease and to fit your individual needs, you can pick any of the following payment options. Irrespective of the chosen option, UPM requires an annual contract for the services.

Type C - Payment options
Real estate assets with more than 25% of area under construction (including farm houses)
Payment Frequency Initiation Charges (Rs.) Amount (Rs.) No. of Payments Optional Reserve Deposit (Rs.)
Quarterly 3,500 7,500 4 2,500
Half-Yearly 2,000 15,000 2 2,500
Annual 0 30,000 1 2,500
Payment options @ Rs. 2,500 pcm for assets up to 1,000 sqyd / 5,000 sqft in area
      • Reserve deposit is client deposit with UPM that is being used for miscellaneous activities like mail forwarding, minor materials charge, etc.
      • UPM recommends this deposit as it reduces a lot of paper work, invoicing and redundant communications between UPM and the client.


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