Buying Transaction Services

Buying a real estate asset, no matter how big or small, for investment or self-use, is a complex activity involving multiple checkpoints. While our advisory team helps you in the decision of what and where to buy, the focus of transaction team is to simplify the HOW of the buying process. On receiving instructions from our client, UTS buying team undertakes the following activities: 

Establishing Inventory availability

  • Direct research
  • Indirect research
  • Primary Market
  • Secondary Market

Arranging Topographic details

  • Plans/ layouts
  • Access routes
  • Regional details
  • Site visits as applicable

Establishing Ownership

  • PAL/ Title/ Registry – as applicable
  • Establishing true copy of original
  • Validity check with concerned authority

Negotiation and Contract

  • Price
  • Timeline
  • Advance Intervals
  • Other terms and conditions

Legal Checks and Approvals

  • Licenses of issuing developer
  • Approvals from concerned regulatory body
  • Local / Higher courts as deemed necessary

Transaction and Transfer of ownership



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