Selling Transaction Services

Exiting a real estate investment, for further investments or for personal use, involves multiple considerations. When exiting for further investments, various scenarios arise with opportunity cost and delay in transaction having a significant impact on the divestment decision. Realizing the value of real estate asset for personal uses like education, ceremonies, leisure or alternative investments too comes with its own sets of restrictions. UTS selling team specializes in helping you exit your real estate investment in your desired time frame while achieving highest market value.

While our advisory team helps you in the decision of when and whether to sell, the focus of transaction team is to simplify the HOW of the selling process. On receiving instructions from our client, UTS selling team undertakes the following activities:

Market Positioning

  • Market Positioning
  • Price range of similar assets
  • Similar deals in recent time

Staging / showcasing

  • Online visibility
  • Physical viewing as applicable


  • Online Media
  • Social Media
  • Local Agent Network
  • Physical Signage

Leads filtration

  • Establish source and authenticity
  • Queries / Viewings management
  • Plans/ layouts
  • Access routes
  • Regional details
  • Site visits as applicable

Negotiation and Contract

  • Price
  • Timeline
  • Advance Intervals
  • Other terms and conditions

Transaction and Transfer of ownership



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